Frick Park - Bradema-Biddle Loop

Single Track (moderate)
1.5 miles long
Elevation Change: 209 ft up, 202 ft down


Flat loop under the trees.

Points of Interest

Eastern edge of Frick Environmental Center

Between the Clayton Loop at the top of the hill and the Tranquil Trail at the bottom of the hill is the Bradema Trail—it's narrower, a little rooty, and more ON THE CHALLENGING SIDE for beginners and people who are not comfortable with slippery trail conditions. But the beauty of the trail is in the trees, with canopy above and large trees below, enveloping hikers in the forest. This trail has steps and is NOT accessible. This trail is for someone who is comfortable with some elevation change, bumpy terrain, single track trail, and stairs. "That’s what I like about this trail—if you think about Clayton Loop as a slow, 45-minute to an hour loop, the Bradema Loop connecting to Biddle and back on South Clayton is probably an hour and a half," says Jim Delaney. "It’s longer and a little more challenging, but the forest is beautiful. There’s some nice rock faces in there, and you sometimes see wildlife like deer and wild turkey."

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