Frick Park - Clayton Loop

Gravel Path (relaxed)
1.1 miles long
Elevation Change: 119 ft up, 119 ft down


A peaceful walk through forest canopy.

Points of Interest


"I like to take a lot of walks from the Frick Environmental Center," says Dr. Terry Starz. "Some are challenging, with ups and downs, but none of them are terribly difficult and you can change your pace to what fits you best."

The Clayton Loop Trail from the Environmental Center is a peaceful walk through a mature forest. Though there can be a fair number of people on this trail, it hardly feels crowded— it feels more like a walk through the countryside than the middle of the city. "We’re so lucky in Pittsburgh to have these very large areas that are not only somewhat secluded, but also well-maintained," says Dr. Starz.

Be prepared for all kinds of outdoor conditions on this path. In February, during the Walk with a Doc program with Venture Outdoors, temperatures dipped to 13 degrees. But even then, it was beautiful. "In the different seasons, there are different experiences, and that's part of what's so great about our parks," says Dr. Starz.

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