Frick Park - Environmental Center Woodland Trail

Paved Path (easiest)
Gravel Path (relaxed)
0.4 miles long
Elevation Change: 36 ft up, 52 ft down


An accessible trail from Frick Center.

Points of Interest

Be sure to stay on established trails and not go off the path.
This is the wildlife observation deck. A great place to bird watch and eat a snack!
The Woodland Trail begins and ends at the Frick Environmental Center. You can get a park map if you go into the Environmental Center. This is a short and easy walk that takes you to an observation deck and back, with optional stairs. Bathrooms are located in the Environmental Center as well as outside by the demonstration gardens.The trail head can be found by walking down to the fountain at the end of the Environmental center. Facing the fountain, the trail begins to the right. There is plenty of free parking here in a paved lot. At the Environmental Center you will find plenty of benches, a bathroom, water fountain, a community garden, beautiful scenery, and educational materials. This walk is and easy, flat, and paved walk. About 100 feet past the start of the trail you will see a sign that says "woodland area" on your right. This is where you will turn right to head towards the observation deck. When you get to the observation deck the path becomes more rocky. There are benches to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the park at the observation deck. You may see or here deer, small critters, birds, and dogs. To return from the observation deck, you can go back the way you came to avoid stairs. In the summer, they turn on the water fountain at the Environmental Center so you can enjoy a cool mist on a warm summer day. Once the walk begins you will have plenty of shade. In the spring, you will find plenty of aromatic flowers blooming here, which attract butterflies and bees.

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