Greenfield Magee Park Stair Walk

Paved Path (easiest)
0.6 miles long
Elevation Change: 57 ft up, 56 ft down


Short walk around the park

Points of Interest

This walk is intended to be used by the Citiparks Greenfield Healthy Active Living Center. It is challenging to find a walk with very little elevation change in Greenfield. This walk does have stairs and will not be ADA accessible. Parking around the Greenfield Healthy Active Living Center is street parking. It is free on all the adjacent streets to the center. There are not many benches or places to rest on this walk. The gravel and steps in many places is uneven in in some disrepair. Please use caution if you have any vision impairment such as a depth perception disorder. At any rate, this walk is a lovely cardio exercise around the park. Begin at the entrance of the Greenfield center. If you need a bathroom facility, the center has bathrooms and may be gracious enough to let you use them. The park does not have public bathrooms at this time. Head down Greenfield Ave on the sidewalk closest to the Greenfield Center. This is a gradual but steady downhill. Bypass the steep downhill drive to the park and courts and stay on the sidewalk until you reach the stairs at the end of the park. Head down the stairs but use caution as the surfaces are not even. At the junction in the stairs, take a right and head around the park in a counter-clockwise motion. You will see a retaining wall to your right which would be a good place to sit and rest for a minute if needed. Keep walking until you reach the end of the large green field and then take a right. You will be on a decently ,maintained sidewalk between the swimming pool area ( above you on the right) and the field on your left. Keep walking and you will approach a drinking fountain just below a short set of steps up to the field. Keep walking forward until you reach the end of the park with the stadium seating to your left. Take the sidewalk up the steps into the seating area. At this point you may choose to walk the stadium stairs for a good cardio workout. If you are not interested in that, keep walking past the seating and down the stairs to the sidewalk. You will see another set of stairs that will take you along side of the field. Take that set of stairs but again use caution as these have uneven pavement. Ahead of you, you will see the stairs that you came down to the field on. Take those back up and head left when you get back to Greenfield Ave back to the Greenfield Center. This is a great walk to add laps to or, as mentioned above, get some cardio stair climbing work into your walking routine. It should be noted that the Greenfield Health Active Living Center is a wonderful facility with exercise equipment, a full gym and many different activities going on every day. If you are over 55, please consider joining!

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