Highland Park Reservoir Path

Paved Path (easiest)
1.8 miles long
Elevation Change: 81 ft up, 80 ft down

Phone: 724-554-0632
Website: http://bit.ly/2t8gMlw

This is a flat walk with scenic views.

Points of Interest

Start of the walk
Indoor Restroom
A set of stairs, with handrails, separate the reservoir from the fountain.
Fountain and Reflecting Pool

Enter the park by car using Reservoir Drive. Park in front of the Entry Garden and start your walk there by enjoying the lovely garden. This path will take you on Reservoir Drive and then onto the reservoir walking path.  You have the option of just doing laps around the reservior path or adding in the Reservoir Dr. Loop road to get more mileage and elevation change, increasing your cardio workout! The loop around the reservoir that has ample benches with armrests, a paved path, and bathrooms. The bathrooms are located near the parking area. Port-a-potties are located on site year-round. There is an indoor bathroom with running water along the path to the left of the parking area in a small brick building. These bathrooms are not kept up and we would recommend the port-a-potties before using the indoor bathrooms. The path takes the user around the reservoir and allows for the user to do a high powered walk with multiple laps, if desired. A map of the park is located by the parking lot. If users are interested in sitting and relaxing in the shade, there are benches below the reservoir path Reservoir Drive around to the entrance of the park.

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