Millvale Riverfront Park - Three Rivers Heritage Trail

Paved Path (easiest)
Gravel Path (relaxed)
2.7 miles long
Elevation Change: 77 ft up, 76 ft down


A perfect escape from the city!

This trail starts from the parking lot located at 52 Riverfront Drive next to the Food Truck Roundup. The trail head starts across the street from the parking lot you will head to the left once crossing the street. You will begin on a gravel path that crosses the street at the first stop sign. Follow the gravel path along the Allegheny River. Public transportation is accessible by bus at East Ohio Street at Grant Ave but accessing the trail from this stop is not easy and a bit dangerous with a crossing of the 28 south ramp. The Millvale River Front Park and Three Rivers Heritage Trail is an energetic out and back trail filled with many view points of the river. On this trail you will be greeted by bikers, runners, and rowers. In addition to all thats going on along the trail you will find historic signs that tell you all about Millvale and the Allegheny River. Turn around at 1 mile but there is an option to continue on as the Heritage trail goes all the way to the North Shore. There are roughly 5 sitting areas with multiple benches. The trail is well marked and it is hard to get lost as this trail followa the river. Seasonal port-a-potty and water fountains are available. This is a perfect trail for the city dweller who wants to escape upstream for a casual walk!

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