North Park Nature Trail

Single Track (moderate)
0.4 miles long
Elevation Change: 57 ft up, 57 ft down

Wooded path with some terrain challenges

Points of Interest

This scenic loop starts in a parking area across the street from the North Park Visitors Center. North Park visitors center is a lovely old barn that has been converted into a three season education center. It is worth a visit when it opens in the summer, if you have small children. The nature trail is a loop with some elements of a single track trail but still very do-able for someone who has good balance and agility. There is some elevation change throughout the loop but many benches to sit and rest if needed. Parking is free here but limited. Water and bathrooms are only available at the nature center in the warmer months. For winter months, visit the skater rink for bathroom, water, and refreshments. At the beginning of the trail, there is an option to go left or right. Go right for the easiest elevation changes. Follow the path around and notice the numbers on posts. Those correspond to an interpretive map that you can acquire at the visitors center. All numbers are also in brail. The loop has many educational stops along the way. It is designed to aid the visually impaired. There is a rope walk for visually impaired people to follow along with their hand and use as support. Please use caution as the rope walk and some of the benches are in some dis-repair.. Toward the end of the loop, just before you descend to the parking lot, there is another trail junction that will take you on a much longer trail through the park. This is not included in this hike description. If you want to return to your car, stay to the left of the junction and continue to your car. It should be noted that when we visited this trail in winter of 2019, there were two large trees down over the trail. This made the trail more treacherous and would be very difficult and unpleasant for someone who could not physically climb over the trees. The park service should have cleared the trees by now. The author has not been back to check. If you have updated information email me at

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