North Park Yellow Loop

Single Track (moderate)
2.1 miles long
Elevation Change: 330 ft up, 330 ft down

Beautiful trail in all seasons

Points of Interest

Single Track Trail
Steep, use tree to stabilize!
Junction in the trail

CAUTION:  This trail is for users that feel confident with their footing.  The trail is a single track, some rocks and roots are present on the trail.  This is not a trail for people who use walking aids such as a walker or cane.  

Make sure you download the Allegheny County Parks App on your smartphone if it is available to you.  The Parks have been updating their trails aggressively over the past two years but have only updated the app.  Most trail maps are outdated and inaccurate.

That being said, this trail is a beutiful down and back loop on the orange trail loop. Parking at the Rose Barn upper parking area, the trail starts at the northeast corner of the parking lot with a wide fireroad.  As you walk up the fireroad about 500 feet, you will see the trail with a yellow blaze, on your right.  If you make it to the top of the hill and a road, you have gone too far.  There is plenty of wildlife and tree coverage.  As you walk, you will get glimpses of the park road and lake.  This trail intersects the Rachel Carson Trail and can be extended for more of a challenge.  There are two picnic shelters that can serve as resting points on this trail.  There are three longer steep sections of the trail that you should use caution on.  You will cross the park road half way through this hike, use caution while crossing.

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