South Park Maple Springs - Beyond the Gazebo

Paved Path (easiest)
0.6 miles long
Elevation Change: 45 ft up, 45 ft down

beyond the Gazebo

This route goes out beyond the gazebo and pond at Maple Springs and loops back through the woods. "It’s very pretty along there with lots of large trees, and in late summer some spectacular wildflowers in areas that have been left unmowed," says Caren Glotfelty. "Walkers here come from a whole mix of demographics—young women with fitness apps, mothers with kids, older couples walking together, people with dogs." This route takes you along a longer road made of broken-up asphalt, past a parking lot with an accessible portable toilet. The road can pose a bit of a challenge to those who are less able. The outer-ring paved path is in great condition. An interesting feature of this longer loop is the series of fitness stations installed a few years ago. There are different configurations of wood and metal bars with different exercise routines and instructional signs. This particular route doesn’t have any park benches on it, no drinking water, and bathrooms only at the parking lots.

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