South Park - Maple Springs-Edgewood Field Loop

Gravel Path (relaxed)
1.3 miles long
Elevation Change: 120 ft up, 121 ft down

A pleasant walk with sounds of a stream.

This is a longer walk that takes you from the Maple Springs parking lot, along a creek, out to Corrigan Drive, and then back again. From the parking area, there’s a grade walking up to the trail before it levels out, following the line of the creek down below. It's a pleasant walk, with sounds of the stream and birds in the trees. "I followed that all the way to Corrigan Drive, then walked to a sign for Bocce and Horseshoe Courts. There’s a paved path that follows the line of that field. Just follow that around and then join onto the access road," says Caren Glotfelty. "You feel secluded along the creek, and it's all paved except a bit of rougher trail between the field and the access road as you come back."

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