South Park - Maple Springs Gazebo Walk

Paved Path (easiest)
Gravel Path (relaxed)
0.2 miles long
Elevation Change: 15 ft up, 15 ft down


An easy walk around the pond.

At the focal point of the Maple Springs area is the pond, where there's a gazebo with steps down to the water. The easiest walk from here is along the paved path around the little pond. Park at the paved parking lot nearby, and then it’s an easy walk over. There are half a dozen park benches nicely spaced around the pond, perfect for enjoying a good book or taking a short rest while walking. "As I was walking, an older couple was sitting on a bench. She was just enjoying the sun and he was reading a book," says Caren Glotfelty. "Another elderly woman with a walker came over with her daughter and their dog, from the parking lot to the park bench at the pond. So this is doable even if you have some mobility challenges. She didn't walk around the pond, but she had a nice time sitting at the pond among the big trees there. It’s a leafy, shady, pretty little area." There is designated handicapped parking and a clean, handicap accessible portable toilet, though no running water.

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