South Park - Oliver Miller - Stone Manse Walk

Paved Path (easiest)
0.9 miles long
Elevation Change: 158 ft up, 159 ft down

Old Stone Manse Drive Walk

Points of Interest

Beth Chatham grew up in South Park Township and now lives in Bethel Park, so she’s been exploring South Park her entire life. “I walk the park at least once a week, but I don’t know the names of any of places I go to be honest with you.” But she does have a favorite place: the Oliver Miller Property, also known as the Stone Manse. Beth is a volunteer and does living history performance at the historic site. So you might find her in period costume, and character, if you visit during one of the tours. Or you might find her walking quietly along Old Stone Manse Drive, her favorite path in the park. “It tends to be really quiet,” she says, “and I tend to walk along the main road for safety, since I walk by myself. But there’s not a lot of cars there, and it’s really nicely wooded. I look for different species of wildflowers and plants. I’m learning about edible plants and foraging. And there’s lots of different kinds of pines and I really like the smell of that.”

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