South Park Wildlife Area

Paved Path (easiest)
0.3 miles long
Elevation Change: 41 ft up, 41 ft down

brief walk through a wildlife preserve

“I like to walk around the nature preserve,” says Jeanne Miller. “There are turtles and carp in the pond. There are geese and ducks. It was a favorite place for me to take my granddaughter when she was little. They have had peacocks there for many years, maybe 30. It’s just a nice environment. And then they have the buffalo. They are very interesting animals. It’s interesting to watch an animal that otherwise I’d know only from books and movies.” Jeanne grew up in New York. She’s lived in Pittsburgh a long time, but she’s still a New Yorker at heart. “In Brooklyn, I never saw a cow or a buffalo,” she says. That makes a walk around the Wildlife Area particularly delightful. The pond near the parking lot is also a favorite destination. “You walk clockwise around and you pass over a small bridge, where there are ducks. And when you turn your back, the turtles will poke their heads out of the water, and you can spot them sunning themselves on the rocks. The path takes you up where the buffalo are. It’s a pretty long walk around the enclosure.”

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